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About StickyCoins

StickyCoins are the main currency of the Sticky NFT Marketplace.

StickyCoin make trading on Sticky Cheaper & Faster


0% Commission on NFT trades using StickyCoins


Buy NFTs with One Tap using StickyCoin

Pay Once

App Stores charge fees of 30% on in-app-purchases, and card processing fees are 2.9% plus a fixed amount. Sellers also need to cover taxes, frauds & refunds. Imagine paying all that for each NFT you buy!

These platform fees are charged only once, when StickyCoins are first purchased.

Buy More & Save $$$

Buy bigger bundles of Sticky Coins and get discounts!

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Collect Your Earnings

Creator and collector payments are calculated based on StickyCoins earned.

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Coming Soon

ERC-20 Crypto StickyCoins

StickyCoins are currently an in-app currency. We are looking into creating an ERC-20 version of them that users can keep in their own crypto wallets, trade & more. Stay tuned!

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