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Earnings on Sticky

ETH Earnings: Zero Fees

ETH Earnings:


Sales carried out in ETH directly between crypto wallets (i.e. not involving StickyCoins) are processed by smart contract, with ZERO fees charged by Sticky.

StickyCoin earnings:

Get Paid in USD!

If you are a Creator or Collector on Sticky, you can use your StickyCoin balance to build your NFT collection with ZERO commissions. Just keep selling & trading up! You can also request a payment in USD.

StickyCoin earnings: Get paid in USD!


Creators typically receive around US$100 for every 1k StickyCoins earned

Creators & Collectors who request USD earnings payment receive the gross sales value of the StickyCoins they have earned net of payment (i.e. app store, card processor) fees, taxes, refunds/frauds and a Sticky fee. Currently, the Sticky fee on USD payments is 30%. As payment volume increases and systems become more efficient, we will work to offer lower fees.

Example calculation: assume StickyCoins have been sold for US$0.20 on average (prices vary by bundle), 40% of sales have been on iOS (30% fees), 40% by card (5% fee) and 20% in ETH (0% fee) on the web. This results in a 14% average payment fee. Assume 6% in taxes & frauds. With the 30% Sticky fee, this results in net earnings of 50%, or US$0.10 per StickyCoin, for the creator.

Important: your earnings may differ from this example, because the mix of sales across platforms, rate of refunds and collector coin bundle prices vary over time and among creators. As a creator, if you have more sales on higher-cost platforms, your sales incur more refunds and collectors of your items usually buy lower-cost bundles, your earnings will be lower.

Payments are made via Stripe Connect at the end of the calendar month subsequent to the month of the request, and made at the beginning of the following month.

Conditions Apply. See Terms of Use.

Eligibility for USD payments

To keep Sticky safe for everyone, there are some rules for payments.

Rule 1

Only StickyCoins earned in accordance with guidelines are eligible for payments. This means:

    StickyCoins must be earned, not bought or bonuses. You cannot request a USD payment for StickyCoins you have bought yourself, or received as a bonus or prize.

    Earning is selling to a different user an authentic NFT that you created or bought previously, or receiving creator earnings on a secondary sale.
    Sales of NFTs that are not compliant with creator guidelines are not eligible.
    Sales between related accounts (e.g. accounts belonging to a single user) are not eligible.

Rule 2

Only users who respect Sticky platform rules are eligible for payments. This means:

    If you have attempted to circumvent Sticky rules (e.g. sold fake NFTs, created fake accounts, tried to commit fraud) you are not eligible. Learn more about the Sticky Rules

Rule 3

Additional safeguards apply:

    Users can become eligible for earnings payments once they have completed 90 days after their initial sale on Sticky, have completed their profile with their real name, real picture, bio, and links, and have earned, through sales of a minimum of 50 NFT editions, of at least 10 different NFTs, to a minimum of 50 different users, a minimum of 2000 coins net of spending and balances locked for bidding, and excluding coins which the buyers originally received as bonuses.
    Eligible users must have a net balance of 2000 earned coins to request payment: minimum payments are for the equivalent of 1000 coins, and users must maintain a minimum balance of 1000 coins to be eligible for payments.

    Accounts that request or sell NFTs connected to an in-app-purchase or credit-card refund or chargeback are ineligible for a minimum of 150 days after each refund. If the refund/chargeback is indicative of fraud, the account is permanently ineligible.

    To receive payment, users must provide their email, address and phone number, as well as any additional information requested by our payment processor. We may also request proof of address, identification and authenticity of the NFTs.

    Users located in a country subject to US sanctions are ineligible for payments.

    Sticky may adjust these rules at any time to prevent fraud and keep the community safe.

Earnings / Royalty on Secondary Transactions

Learn more about how Sticky treats earnings/royalties on secondary transactions

Learn More
Earnings / Royalty on Secondary Transactions

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