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There are only 3 Guidelines for creations on Sticky. They are very simple:

  1. Original work only
  2. No crime, harml, drugs or porn
  3. Artfulness, please

1. Original work only

Only publish items that you created or that you are authorised in writing by the copyright owner to publish. We may request evidence of copyright to approve publication and to make payments.

Sticky has zero tolerance for attempts to sell unauthorised copies of others’ work, regardless of where the work is being taken from and where it is being offered (Sticky or elsewhere). Trying this may result in an immediate and permanent ban from Sticky. For example, do not try to sell screenshots of collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks on Sticky, or try to sell screenshots of items in Sticky on OpenSea.

Original works that refer to elements of copyrighted works under ‘fair use’ (including fan art) are subject to Sticky reviewers’ discretion for approval. For example: Making minor changes to, or even redrawing, a cartoon character such as BAYC or Spiderman is clearly not original, while creating a new character inspired by existing ones, or commenting or satirising an existing character may be. Referring to trademarks (such as logos) is particularly problematic. Note that even when approved, works that rely on fair use may be at risk of removal if copyright owners of the referenced work request it, subject to Sticky legal team’s discretion.

2. No crime, harm, drugs or porn

Sticky does not allow sales of harmful items such as those that promote or involve crime, hate or violence, or otherwise harm people such as scams. Because of App Store rules and a 13+ age rating, pornography and images promoting drugs are also not currently allowed; the Sticky team is looking into how to allow artistic expression about these themes appropriately.

3. Artfulness, please

Brilliant creators have always pushed the boundaries of art. But it still requires a mix of originality, creativity, relevance, technical skill, effort and care in its creation - that is, ‘artfulness’. An item doesn’t have to be the kind of art you’d see in a gallery to be artful - apps, games and brands are all welcome. But all items on Sticky should be ‘artful’. Ask yourself: why would people want to buy this? What makes this special and appealing to its audience? If you don’t have an answer, it’s a sign the item might not be a great fit.

Some housekeeping details:

  • Packs should be consistent: in terms of theme, style, size, format, etc.
  • Remember to complete the metadata: pack name, tags, your profile.
  • Don’t include duplicate NFTs separately. Instead, select the number of copies when you mint.

To promote these guidelines:

Published items may be subject to automated and human review, and users can report inappropriate content. The more closely creations align with the guidelines, the more likely they are to be featured prominently in the app, for example on the main screen. Creations that are not aligned with the guidelines may be restricted to the creator’s profile or even rejected. Serious or repeated violation of guidelines may result in a permanent ban from Sticky and loss of access to items in Sticky.

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