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NFTs, Virtual Items and their purchase

All Sticky sales occur through in-app-purchases linked to your Apple ID, and all billing is handled by Apple. For safety and privacy reasons, we do not have access to your billing details, so only you can cancel your subscriptions. But it is easy! Open the App Store, tap the ‘Account’ icon at the top right (a blue bust in a circle). Tap ‘Subscriptions’, tap on the subscription you want to Cancel and tap ‘Cancel’.

I deleted the app, why was I charged for a subscription afterwards?

Subscriptions are linked to your Apple ID so that you can use them across all your devices. They are not linked to a specific device, and therefore are not automatically cancelled when you delete an app from a device. The Apple iOS will remind you that you have an active subscription and ask if you want to cancel it when you delete an app from a device, but if you choose not to cancel it then, the subscription will remain active. But don’t worry - it is easy to cancel a subscription at any time. See “How do I cancel a subscription or free trial?”

How do I request a refund?

Don’t worry - if you purchased items such as StickyCoins and Starter Packs by mistake, you can easily request a refund of your in-app purchases via reportaproblem.apple.com. Because all billing is handled by Apple, refunds are also handled and decided exclusively by Apple. For safety and privacy reasons, we do not even have access to your billing details. While we are happy for users to easily request refunds for honest mistakes, we have a zero-tolerance policy for refund fraud. Apple notifies developers of refunds: refunded items will be cancelled and transactions using items that are refunded (e.g. minting of NFTs with Sticky Coins that are refunded) may be annulled. To keep the Sticky marketplace safe and fair, collectors and creators engaging in refund fraud shall be ejected from the platform. Bear in mind that Apple also appears to have its own mechanisms to detect and act upon refund fraud: therefore requesting refunds for products you have actually consumed may result in being denied refunds in future, including in other apps.

Why is my NFT pack in review so long?

Once minted, NFTs are published on the creator’s profile immediately unless our systems indicate that they may violate guidelines (e.g. may include pornography), in which case they will be reviewed. The Sticky team also reviews packs to feature some in search and on the home screen. Not all packs are featured - those that comply with all the Sticky NFT Guidelines are prioritised. Please note that initial versions of Sticky (up to 1.2.10) displayed “Awaiting Review” to indicate that the pack had not undergone this second type of review, even though it was already available on the creator’s profile. Apologies for the confusing message.

What chain or ledger are Sticky NFTs minted on?

NFTs are initially on the proprietary Sticky Ledger. From version 1.3 to be released in March 2022, after purchasing an NFT, users will be able to keep it in the Sticky Ledger or transfer it to external blockchains such as Polygon.

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